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Smartana Wiki

Smartana wiki are a collection of tutorials and articles concerned with Analytics.

The origin of Smartana Wikis is inspired by a collection of tools and techniques available on Smartana. So, one of the purposes is to discuss and introduce related material here. Ideas for a topic or it's first insights are usually talked and discussed on Smartana Blogs. However, it is possible to transfer a Wiki into a Blog by giving it a personal note.

The topic areas can range from Statistical Learning to Operations Research. They shall even contain topics that seem almost not related to Analytics such as Gaming (with Unity), visualisation (using the Hololens) and Animations. As long as it is made clear that they are used to aid or accelerate Analytics.

Smartana Wiki goes further by hosting Analytics applications. MathProg Solver is a good example.

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.